Ideal solution for Inbound Tour Operators to manage day to day operations related to Hotels, Tours, Transfers, Airport Services, Visa and Other Services.

Integrated with accounts to simplify invoicing and manage credit limits.

Online booking engine for agents to make bookings with ease.

XML connectivity to keep your business up to date with the latest technologies.

  • Contracting – rates / policies / offers
    • Markets are classified as Country groups and contracts / offers can be linked to entire country group or selected countries within the group. This makes it easier when hotels give special rates for certain countries within the same market.
    • Contract entry is shown as one whole section with an approval system. This helps in validating the entire contract at approval stage to identify missing entries in supplements or policies
    • Room rates, Exhibition supplements, Commission structures and Meal Supplements are separated to make it very easy to enter contracts / offers. System automatically calculates final cost
    • Child policy has all features to cater to different hotel policies with ease of entering and updating.
    • Markup is made very flexible and can be applied to hotels or room classification within hotels like Basic Room, 2 B/R etc. They can be easily changed for any date range without having to go back to the contract or offer
    • All types of offers are included in the system with booking validities, discounts, additional discounts, Meal upgrades, Room upgrades, Free nights
    • Stop sale on offers are given separately in room block module so that user does not have to amend the offer and can only put the dates of stop sale
    • All updates on contracts / offers made easy i.e. updates related to seasons have to be made only at one place, updates related to withdrawal of supplements only by ticking withdraw and so on
  • Allocations / Stop Sale / Free Sale
  • Booking Engine
    • Enhanced booking engine both for Agents and reservation team with few steps to complete the booking
    • Quotes can be generated from the system and later converted to booking if all terms remain the same.
  • Operations – Assign drivers/suppliers
  • Excursions – Manage entry tickets / assign multiple suppliers
  • Visa – update status of visa, download visa issued from ednrd and match with bookings
  • Accounts – integrate with all of the above for invoicing and supplier costs. All other standard accounting features
  • Online booking - agents can check real time availability and prices and book based on their credit limits or pay via payment gateway.
  • XML Out – Agents can connect to XML to get rates. Real time XML for making bookings.
  • XML In – Connect to a channel manager to get last minute rates and availability