Complete solution for Inventory and Accounts compliant with VAT

  • Local Purchase – LPO , GRN from LPO (partial or full), Invoices against GRNs, Returns if any, Short Close LPOs
  • Import Purchase – IPO , GRN from IPO (partial or full), Invoices against GRNs, Landed cost updation, Returns if any, Short Close IPOs
  • Sales – Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, DO Returns if any, Invoice from delivery order, Sales returns if any, Cash Sales
  • Accounts – Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Receipts, Payments, Journal, PDCs, Cheque Returns, Match unallocated
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Inventory – Shortage/Excess adjustments, track inventory to bins in warehouse
  • Dashboard of alerts
  • Accounts receivable and Accounts payable reports including ageing, statement, trial balance
  • All GL Reports including Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Ratio analysis, Graphs
  • Seal data periodically, Automated close year features